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Instant Frozen Beverages

MrGranita is an Israeli startup with offices in Rosh Ha’ayine Israel and Cincinnati OH USA, re-inventing the way frozen drinks, such as slushies, smoothies, coffee granitas, and even frozen alcoholic drinks

(e.g., frozen daiquiri) are made.

No more sugar-heavy syrups and single-flavor machines that take ages to operate.

MrGranita’s patent-pending technology transforms, near-instantly, any beverage (even with zero sugar) into a snow-like textured frozen drink.

How do we do this?

We scaled-down the science of atmospheric snow formation and encapsulated it into a compact (and low-cost) “snow chamber”. The snow-chamber enables instantly freezing edible products with no precooling, no sugar, and extremely low electricity consumption while maintaining light, snow-like texture.

Meet The Team 

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